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Here is Today's Quote from Matt's Endless Supply of Quotes:

A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days.

óJohann Wolfgang von Goethe

Check back tomorrow for another great quote...


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Sunday School--Prayer

Introduction & Definition of Prayer
outline for class     notes     Is this Us

What is the Purpose of Prayer (September 9)
notes     Audio    

The Problem with Prayer (September 16)
notes     Audio    

Why is Prayer Important, Part 1 (September 30)
notes     Audio    

Why is Prayer Important, Part 2 (October 7)
notes     Audio    

Importance of Prayer and Fasting (October 14)
notes     Audio    

The God who hears Prayers (October 28)
notes     Audio    

Hypocrites Deficient in the Duty of Prayer (November 4)
notes     Audio    

Seeking the Presence of God (November 11)

Form and Freedom (November 25)
A Poem about Christ     Audio    

Communicating Petitions & Gratitude (December 2)
Notes     Audio    

More Than Words (December 9)
Notes     Audio    

Man's Petitions and God's Sovereignty? (December 23)
Notes     Audio    

Application Week 1 (September 23)
Some Prayers from Scripture     A model to Use    

Application Week 2 (October 21)
Matt's Fasting Plan     Matt's Exhortation    

Application Week 3 (November 18)
Some prayers within Scripture    

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