Matt West is truly a uniquely qualified individual. In his youth, he was an all star for many different sports teams. By the time he went to high school, he was all state soccer player, an all conference basketball player, and lettered in baseball, cross country, and tennis. Since then, he has participated and won in events of bowling, competitive eating, foosball, ping pong, badminton, mini-golf, air hockey, and football also.
Realizing that short, fat, white guys may be good rec league players, but they are rarely in a position to turn professional, he wanted to learn about sports and sports trivia. At the age of five, he bought three sports trivia books with his Christmas money, and he began to read them. He constantly sought to learn more about useless Sports Trivia. He watched Jeopardy hoping for a Sports-related question. He joined the school's academic team and got every sports question he knew. In short, he was a very mediocre sports trvia "expert".
As Matt got older, starting in high school, he coached several elementary and middle school teams in multiple sports. He won a soccer and basketball championship as a coach. He has also coached academic teams, just to see if the skills translate. One such team won a national championship in spite of his poor coaching. In doing all this, he developed a feel for games from a coach's perspective.
Because of his interest in a variety of sports, Matt is the perfect fit for a variety sports show, like this one. He spends hours each day researching the various sports topics of the day and is in tune with all of them. He is able to consider them from the position of an athlete, nuetral observer, coach, couch potato, and business marketer. And he brings all of this to the table as your host.
When Matt isn't talking sports on the radio, he is either Running a Real Estate office, Working at a law firm, Teaching a class, Running a ministry, Reading his favorite websites or authors, or working at getting another radio show off the ground. All of these factors work together to give you a host who can look at Sports from more angles than you ever thought possible!