THE COHOST—A.C. the Iceman

The Iceman has never been one to shy away with an opinion. While his duties include other things, certainly we hope the higlhlight of his week is Co-hosting The Sport Buffet. You might hear him give some input as he fights for time on air. He is a true fan of sports and always wants to share opinions with anyone who wants to talk about what’s going on in the world of sports.

When not co-hosting The SportBuffet, the Iceman can be found around town brining coolness to everywhere he goes and to everyone he meets. His dream is to get into sports broadcasting, and this show is his first foray into three of the states that he has on his way! He is a student at the University of Central Florida. Feel free to email him if you want to talk to him or get in touch!

THE PRODUCER—Suzannah "The Captain of the Non-Mans"

The Captain of the Non-mans hasn’t always had to epitomize the female race. Prior to becoming a producer on the Sport Buffet she played Volleyball and Softball for Union College in Kentucky. While her craving for sports started at a young age, she continues to feed her sports appetite with daily checks of ESPN and Fox Sports Radio.

When not producing The Sport Buffet, the Captain of the Non-man fills her day enlightening young athletes on the importance of hiring Scott Boras and using your twitter to tell the world about how much you hate your team. Feel free to email her if you want to talk to her or get in touch!

Former Full Time, Current Part Timers.


Tex has not always had wisdom—it just seems that way. While he started playing sports at a young age, he wasn't very good until after he graduated from High School. He is an ambidexturous tennis player, a chronic basketball brick-layer, and backyard football champion to the stars. Because his playing days were not as profitable as one would hope, he began to study to improve. And he learned that his skills lay more in understanding the sports than in actually performing. At that point, Tex became a critic of sports.

When not dropping widsom on ESPN Radio, Tex is a construction worker, mortgage broker, pastor of a small church, and QuizMaster Extraordinaire. He is someone who is not afraid to share his opinion. He is from the state of Georgia and is not afraid to tell you about his biases in that area! Tex has always been fascinated with sports, especially college sports and MLB.

Tex's dream is to have his own radio show, so he can see the inside of a studio. If he behaves well enough, we may let him into the studio once during our show. Feel free to email him if you want to talk to him or get in touch!

The Resident DIVA—Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman is a professional. Need a website built, need a graphic designed, need a search engine optimized, or just need an overall technological marketing campaign? Steve Chapman is your man. Who has been on the most fishing radio shows in Orlando? Steve Chapman.

When not dropping by our show, Steve Chapman is the co-host of BooDreaux's BoonDocques, and is someone who is not afraid to share his opinion. He is originally from the state of Michigan and is not afraid to tell you about his biases in that area! Steve has always been fascinated with talking on the radio, and he will do anything he can to do it. So, we let him in for a few minutes each week, so he can tell us how a Michigander would see the world.

Steve was on target to become a professional golfer and on some days, still regrets his decision to not follow that career path. He will be our best golfer when we have a Buffet Golf contest, and he is undoubtedly the zaniest person on The Sport Buffet. We chose his Theme Song through an online contest, which got votes from over 150 each week. We decided This is Me by The Saw Doctors most exemplifies his unique brand of nonchalance. If you want to give him a hard time or just want to talk to him or get in touch, feel free to email him.