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Here is Today's Quote from Matt's Endless Supply of Quotes:

A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days.

óJohann Wolfgang von Goethe

Check back tomorrow for another great quote...


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Sunday School--Stewardship

Resources before Class Begins
outline for class     Plan of Salvation    

What must one do to be saved? (January 6)
Must a Christian be a Steward? (January 13)
notes     Part 1 Audio     Part 2 Audio

Introduction to Stewardship (January 20)
notes     Audio    

Recognizing your Endowment (January 27)
notes     Audio     The One Anothers

Do We Fall Short? (Febuary 3)
notes     Audio    

Church, Prayer, Functions (February 10)
notes     Audio     The One Anothers

How Does God Speak to Us ?(February 17)
Guest Speaker--Paul West  notes     Audio

God Speaks to us Through Money (Febuary 24)
notes     Audio    

What is God Telling Me? (March 2)

Should I Budget? How? (March 9)
notes     Audio    

Signs of a Faithful Steward (March 16)
notes     Audio    

Money Equals Time or Vice Versa (March 23)

Does Time Management Exist? (March 30)

How can we Redeem the Time? (April 6)

Church, Prayer, Functions, Part 2 (April 13)
notes     Audio    

Does our Walk Mirror Theology? (April 20)
notes     Audio    

Faithful after Class is Over? (April 27)
notes     Audio    

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